Testimony of God's Miracle Power
by (Pastor) Kaye Wenzel

Praise the Lord! Glory to God! He is the God of the impossible and He overcomes and heals today in the name of Jesus as He did yesterday, today and will forever!

The works of the Father evidenced in the power and demonstration of God are miracles, far above the natural, for they are supernatural!

Eleven years ago, I had a growth appear on my shoulder. It started out probably about 2 cm and then it grew into a huge growth of 10 cm diameter.

It was the strangest looking growth you have ever seen - it drew its energy from my body and there were large, red welts flowing right down my body from where it was drawing.

One night at a 'Hosanna' meeting at the Latvian Hall, I asked Pastor Lorraine to pray for me as I was going to Queensland. As she prayed, I went down under the Holy Spirit's Anointing, and I distinctly knew that the growth on my shoulder was going to be removed in a supernatural, miraculous way, according to God's timing.

Then, approximately six months later, on a Tuesday morning after the 'Hosanna' Worship and Praise meeting, Pastor Lorraine asked me to come into the office to have ministry.

During the time of ministry I was delivered of a demonic power that had kept me bound in grief and sorrow.

It left my body with a loud shriek and Pastor Lorraine then knew that the growth was going to be dealt with by God within ten days.

The demonic grief and sorrow that I had been released from was for my husband, who had held my believing in Christ Jesus to ransom, always seeking to mock and scoff the words of the Lord that I was speaking. God set me free!

Then the Holy Spirit took over completely and the growth was removed in an instant on the tenth day, and the amazing, beautiful, supernatural evidence was made seen, for as it was removed, the base of it which was approximately 8cm, was covered with new skin.



Isn't God wonderful! He takes care of everything when our faith is fully reliant upon the victory that that has been won for us on the cross of Calvary by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Yes! God never leaves us nor forsakes us when we trust in Him with all our hearts! Amen.

(Pastor) Kaye Wenzel



But Jesus looked at them and said to them, "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."
Matthew 19:26