The Triumphant Shout of Christ Jesus Our King, is heard in the Midst of Us

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The True, Chosen of God Believe

Jesus Christ is The Only Begotten Son of God - The Way, The Truth and The Life - and no-one can come unto God The Father, except through Him.

In the High Priestly Prayer that Jesus Christ prayed before His crucifixion - that we would be ONE with The Father, ONE with the Son, and ONE with The Holy Spirit - ONE IN CHRIST, and ONE same Spirit with Christ - Him in us, and we in Him.

The Bible is the ONLY infallible, Authoritative, Living Word of God, written through the Inspiration of The Holy Spirit.

There is One God, Eternally Existent in Three Persons - God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit.

In the Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ - He is The Son of God, and God The Son.

In His Virgin Birth, being conceived by The Holy Spirit.

In His Sinless Life.

In His Bodily Resurrection from the dead on the third day.

In His Triumphant Victory over all the works of Satan's powers and principalities, rulers of darkness and the lord of wickedness, whom Jesus defeated at the cross, declaring - 'It Is Finished!' Satan is now and forever defeated before those who wear The Name of Christ Jesus, who are Called of His Name.

In His Glorification and Ascension to the Right Hand of God The Father.

In the Coming Again of our Lord Jesus Christ, when He returns to this Earth in Power and Glory, to Rule and Reign and Judge.

The ONLY means of being Cleansed from sin is through the Conviction of The Holy Spirit leading to Godly sorrow, Repentance and Faith in the Precious, Cleansing Blood of Christ.

Salvation comes with Complete Conversion from the old nature of sin, to live the New Victorious Life in Christ Jesus.

Regeneration and True (Spiritual) Circumcision of the Pure heart after the Heart of God by The Holy Spirit, is absolutely essential for personal Salvation and walking in Holiness.

The Redemptive Work of Christ on the cross provides Healing of the human body in The Name of Jesus, in answer to the True Believing Prayer of Faith.

In the observance of the Ordinances for True Believers of - Christian Baptism of Full Immersion in water - and The Lord's Supper at His One Holy Communion Table in His One Church, built by The Lord upon The One Perfection Stone of Christ set in Zion, of which 'Hosanna' Excelsis is part with.

In the Baptism of The Holy Spirit, which is freely given by God to all True Believers who ask for it, according to Acts 2.

In the Sanctifying Power of The Holy Spirit, Whose Indwelling enables a Christian to walk and live in Christ's Holiness, having been given the Gift of Christ's Righteousness to stand Blameless before Almighty God with great Joy.

We Saints of Light were given the same like Precious Faith as our Lord Jesus Christ, once for all time.

By Faith we dwell in Heavenly New Jerusalem, being Sanctified by The Holy Spirit to the Likeness of Christ's Holiness - we are The First-Born Assembly of God.

Being Qualified and Chosen by God The Father to be Transferred from the domain of darkness into The Kingdom of Light of His Dear Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

In the Resurrection of both the Saved and the Lost - the one to Everlasting Life in Heaven, and the other to Everlasting Damnation of Hell.

Those whom God has Chosen before the foundation of the world, have their names written by Him in The Lamb's Book of Life, and also have the following deeds written in the Book of Deeds -

- Salvation through Christ Jesus.

- Water Baptism by Full Immersion, for the Washing Away of the evil conscience of the world.

- The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, to be Witnesses of Christ Jesus unto the ends of the Earth, having the Three Names of God upon our foreheads - The Name of God, The Name of The City of God - New Jerusalem - and The New Name given by God.