The Triumphant Shout of Christ Jesus Our King, is heard in the Midst of Us

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    Choir of Light
    Come and be part with The 'Hosanna' Spirit and Truth Choir of Light
    Wednesdays - 7:30pm - 11 -16 South Terrace Adelaide
    Conductor - Pastor Lee Arthurs

New Booklets
New booklets are now available with new titles becoming available each week.
Holy teachings by the Holy Spirit - A gift for receiving these Books would be very appreciated in the Kingdom of God.
This week's book 'Incorruptible Heirs'
is now available.

Current videos/DVDs available in PAL format are
'Newness of Life'

10th Testimony Book
The 10th glorious Hosanna Testimony Book is now available on the internet at the testimonies page.


We are receiving lots of prayer requests, we gladly pray for them all, and are receiving back testimonies from all over the world of the Greatness of the Name of Christ Jesus over all the works of the enemy.