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'Hosanna' Excelsis Morning Star Publications

The following 'Hosanna' Morning Star Publications are now available upon request.

The Holy Words of the Spirit of God's Revelation
 A gift for receiving these Books would be very appreciated in the Kingdom of God 

  G-001 Crowned to Reign
  G-002 Zoe - The Life of God
  G-003 Jesus - The Resurrected Love
  G-004 Perfection of Christ Jesus
  G-005 God's Authority
  G-006 The Anointing
  G-007 Spiritual Authority
  G-008 The New Song of The Lord
  G-009 New Jerusalem
  G-010 Lamb of God
  G-011 His Glory Church
  G-012 The Veil
  G-013 The Will of God
  G-014 Glorification
  G-015 Glorified
  G-016 Acts
  G-017 Perfection
  G-018 Royalty
  G-019 Royal Law
  G-020 New Remnant
  G-021 Pre-eminence
  G-022 Royal Love
  G-023 The Holy Voice
  G-024 The Holy Seal
  G-025 Hidden Mystery
  G-026 The Key of David
  G-027 The Two Cups
  G-028 Reveaed Mystery of God
  G-029 Christ's Effectual Power
  G-030 The Banner of The Messiah
  G-031 Eternal Grace
  G-032 God's First-Born Assembly
  G-033 The Great 'I AM'
  G-034 The Lord is The Spirit
  G-035 The Heart of Christ
  G-036 Almighty God's Greatness Revealed
  G-037 "I AM The Lord 'I AM'" - Part 1
  G-038 "I AM The Lord 'I AM'" - Part 2
  G-039 The Blood of Eternal Life
  G-040 True Believers of Holiness
  G-041 Pure Light of Christ's Holiness
  G-042 Know By The Anointing
  G-043 The Testimony of The Messiah
  G-044 The Elijah Power
  G-045 The Seven Eyes of God
  G-046 It is Done
  G-047 Exceeding Joy
  G-048 The One Voice
  G-049 Heirs To The Throne
  G-050 Jesus - Our High Priest
  G-051 Exousia
  G-052 The Sign of Christ
  G-053 The Kingdom of God Seen
  G-054 Riches of Godliness
  G-055 Seen Glory of God
  G-056 Holy Spiritual Truth
  G-057 Christ Is Risen
  G-058 Prophecy of God's Glory
  G-059 God's 'My Will Word'
  G-060 Crown of Grace
  G-061 Come, says The Spirit
  G-062 God's Eye of Light
  G-063 Word of Life
  G-064 Spirit of Eternal Grace
  G-065 Reality Truth Proven
  G-066 Complete in Christ
  G-067 A City
  G-068 Heaven on Earth
  G-069 Christ, The Light of Truth
  G-070 Holy Chosen
  G-071 Spiritual Insight
  G-072 Right on Time
  G-073 By My Spirit
  G-074 Christ Revealed
  G-075 Spirit of Christ
  G-076 Christ Eternal
  G-077 The Lord, Who is The Spirit
  G-078 Holy Nation
  G-079 Spirit of Sonship
  G-080 Trumpet of Zion
  G-081 The Kingdom of Our Lord Has Come
  G-082 God's Holy Victors
  G-083 Completion of the Age of Grace
  G-084 Christ's Confirming Glory
  G-085 King of Kings
  G-086 Holy and Sacred
  G-087 Sign of The Times
  G-088 New Wineskins
  G-089 Riches, Glory and Honour
  G-090 Dunamis
  G-091 Song of the Lamb
  G-092 Circumcised in Heart

Sermons Inspired by the Holy Spirit
 A gift for receiving these Books would be very appreciated in the Kingdom of God 

  K-001 Abundance of Christ
  K-002 Joy in Christ to Minister
  K-003 New Jerusalem
  K-004 Called Sons of God
  K-005 Anointed of The Lord
  K-006 Keep Alert
  K-007 Our Hope of Glory
  K-008 Ways of The Lord
  K-009 God's Favour
  K-010 God's Perfect Choosing
  K-011 Citizens of Heaven
  K-012 Born to Reign
  K-013 The Triumphant Church
  K-014 Separated Unto Christ
  K-015 The Sign to be Opposed
  K-016 City of Zion
  K-017 Imaged in Christ
  K-018 Pure in Heart
  K-019 The Faith of God
  K-020 Christ Revealed, Who is Our Life
  K-021 True Worship
  K-022 Christ, Who is Our Life
  K-023 Abundant Life Givers
  K-024 The Faithful Heart
  K-025 Reigning in Christ Jesus
  K-026 Father of Lights
  K-027 Christ's Reflection
  K-028 Sovereignty of God
  K-029 Spiritual Gifts
  K-030 The Kingdom of God Has Come
  K-031 Transformed From Glory to Glory
  K-032 Test The Spirits
  K-033 Holy Remnant
  K-034 Blow The Trumpet From Zion
  K-035 Indisputable, Holy Truth
  K-036 Eternal, Living Peace
  K-037 Christ in You
  K-038 Holy City
  K-039 The Holy Verdict
  K-040 The Day of God's Wrath
  K-041 The Kingdom of God is Spiritual
  K-042 Body of Perfection
  K-043 Awake
  K-044 The High Calling
  K-045 Religious Fraud
  K-046 True Christianity
  K-047 Only One Christ Body
  K-048 Christ's Apostolic Testimony
  K-049 Hidden Manna
  K-050 Warning From Heaven
  K-051 Liberated
  K-052 Rich Towards God
  K-053 Unseen As Seen - Part 1
  K-054 Unseen As Seen - Part 2
  K-055 Unctioned
  K-056 Christ In Us
  K-057 Kings and Priests
  K-058 Spiritual Discernment
  K-059 The Messiah's Banner
  K-060 One Only Seed of Christ
  K-061 Revelation of Christ
  K-062 God's Gift - Saving Faith
  K-063 Divine and Heavenly
  K-064 One Table of the Lord
  K-065 The Kingdom of Heaven
  K-066 Unshakeable Kingdom
  K-067 Spirit of The Glory and of God
  K-068 Born Anew From Above
  K-069 Christ's Wealth
  K-070 Created in Christ Jesus
  K-071 New Heaven - New Earth